Friday, November 10, 2006

Meet Swatchy C

I am pleased to introduce Swatchy C.

Tech Specs:
Knit in the round on US5 double pointed needles
Hair is single crochet chains
Yarn is a mixture of Patons Classic Wool, Cascade 220, Noro Kureyon, Manos del Uruguay and natural wool from Tierra Wools

Swatchy C is going overseas with Knittah's friend Eliza. In designing Swatchy C, Eliza requested a celebration of life and color. She will be visiting a number of countries, including Middle Eastern countries that require women to veil themselves. I drew my inspiration from the story of Tahirih, a 19th century Persian poet who publicly unveiled herself to express her religious beliefs. I wanted Swatchy C to be bold and sexy and brash. Swatchy C is not a shrinking violet; she is empowered and honest. The "C" refers to courage, the quality of Tahirih I find most appealing.

Swatchy C is on her journey already. I sent her off with Eliza, hoping they have grand adventures and return safely. Nori said goodbye to Swatchy C too:

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Heather said...

When you get up to E or F, will you publish a pamplet? I think this could be a way for you to fund your hobbies, and it would fill the void that Jess Hutchinson has left by deciding not to sell her toy patterns anymore...