Monday, November 27, 2006

McSwatchy Thanksgiving

Knittah could not go to Thanksgiving with her family, so Swatchy McSwatchypants went in her place. Knittah's mom took good care of McSwatchy but did not want to write these posts. Knittah is adding the commentary to her mom's great photos. First, McSwatchy was introduced to Knittah's Auntie L, and Mom's dog Sasha:
mcswatchyaunt sashamcswatchy

McSwatchy started eating right away: an appetizer of M&Ms and pie for breakfast!
mcswatchymms mcswatchybreakfast

Knittah's family is very bookish, so McSwatchy got in on the act:

Then it was on to the very serious business of Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, the picture of McSwatchy with the gorgeous turkey came out very blurry. Here are some others, though:
That's Knittah's Mom and Eliza, who will be posting about travelling with Swatchy C very soon.

Finally, McSwatchy was stuffed. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

So time for another Thanksgiving tradition: the NAP!


celeste said...

and another tradition: THE QUILT!

who made that one?

the pics were wonderful - did it help you to feel more connected?

Knittah said...

Auntie L made that quilt. Isn't it great? And yes, I feel like I was there!

Heather said...

Oh no! I knew I forgot something! I didn't take a nap!