Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Yarn Tree

Dear Knittah,

Last night Noricum and I went to The Yarn Tree over in Brooklyn. Noricum was still feeling a bit skittish about Knit New York, and also thought you might like to see someplace new. Someone over at Poly had described The Yarn Tree as the only yarns store that, as a man, he really felt comfortable in. We thought this was a pretty nice endorsement, and also it is open late.

The Yarn Tree
The first room has a lovely selection of yarns. Not a huge selection, but certainly a nice one. They even have that pretty colour-grown organic cotton! Noricum wanted to buy some, but also doesn't want to buy yarn without a project in mind. She decided to just remember where it is, and come back when she has an idea.

Noricum did select some lovely roving to purchase:
Preparation for Spinning
She said this could be my roving to learn on, but I was a bit intimidated by the size of the spindle! However, isn't the stuff she made pretty? We decided that perhaps I could spin the spindle while she drafted.

But back to The Yarn Tree! After buying the fiber, Noricum sat and knit with the employee who was giving a lesson to a student, but didn't mind that she wanted to join them for some company. Very nice people. :) The student was knitting the most *adorable* elephant scarf, and several baby booties for friends.

Oh, and did I mention The Yarn Tree has a dog? Nothing like some good doggy-love! (Noricum didn't even think to take photos of both the cute scarf and the dog. She's falling down on the job a bit, but is trying hard.)

After a bit, Noricum realized that perhaps she was allowed in the second room that looked kind of warehouseish. She asked, and indeed it was also open to the public. It's the same size as the first room, but this room is dedicated to spinning, felting, and dyeing. Wow, did they ever have fiber! There was a big selection of coloured roving, plus a *gazillion* different kinds of animal fibers. They even have guanaco... Noricum didn't know what they were, but they're expensive! Guanacos are related to llamas and alpacas, have even finer hair, and are not domesticated. Since Noricum had already made a purchase, she didn't let herself touch any of these... she didn't want to be tempted. ;)

Oh... and one more thing... *don't* let Noricum into the fiber just before bedtime! She had us spinning until 2am! Boy, was I ever exhausted.


PS: Noricum promises to mail that package today.

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