Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Parking

Dear Nori,

Thanks for the letter answering my questions. Wow... it sure sounds rough for Knittah. I'm glad she has those people to help her out!

I think it's probably a good idea that you hide while the cleaning ladies are there... you wouldn't want your hair to accidentally get caught in the vacuum or anything!

I haven't taken a cab ride in NY yet. Noricum and I usually travel around by subway or bus. I was just in the subway yesterday, but we didn't take a photo. Noricum says that taking photos in subway stations hasn't been allowed (she thinks) since 9/11, and she figures the same goes for photos in the actual subway train. I wouldn't want her to get in trouble... then it would be hard for me to travel around the US with her. (Although I've heard the weather in Guantanamo is nice.)

I hope you're keeping Knittah company. You can tell her she can call me too if she's lonely, or I can call her. J has an internet phone that lets us make free long-distance phone calls in the US and Canada.

It does seem ironic that DM works in the same building that she used to. Does he have the same kind of job that Knittah did, or does he just happen to be in the same building?

Thanks for writing the letter, even though it was sad. I sure hope they figure out what causes CFIDS one day, and then can fix it.

Thanks for the pictures of you around the house, they are neat. :) I'm including a photo of me from this morning as Noricum and I were dealing with the car. New York has free on-street parking, but also has something called "alternate side parking," which means you have to move the car every few days for the street cleaner. J's car is currently parked in a Tuesday/Friday spot, which means we need to move the car from 11-12:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays. The police let us sit there without giving us a ticket as long as we're in the car to move it when the street cleaner comes by. J finds the sitting annoying. Noricum, although nervous about driving in New York, doesn't mind the guilt-free knitting time. Since J had to be somewhere this morning, Noricum moved the car for him. I forgot to bring down my knitting, so Noricum let me work on her Wyvern socks, while she knit on her Durrow sweater.

Well, I need to stop writing so I can help Noricum cook some pasta (yum!), and then we're going out to see the parade on 6th Avenue. We're going to meet J for his mid-French-lesson break and watch together.

Happy Halloween!

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