Friday, October 20, 2006


Dear Nori,

Today Noricum and J took me to MOMA, the museum of modern art in New York. (The museum is free Friday nights from 4-8, so it's not like they spent a fortune on me.) However, free or not, it was quite interesting.

The line to get in was pretty long:
Line to get into MOMA
Noricum had some crochet socks to keep her busy, but J and I just had to twiddle our thumbs. Luckily the line moved pretty fast (19 minutes to get in), so it wasn't too bad.

There was lots of neat art in MOMA... I'd use up all our flickr space if I tried to upload photos of everything, so here's a small selection. (Oh, and sorry about somewhat blurry photos: we weren't allowed to use a flash, and Noricum has a fairly basic digital camera.)

Noricum was partial to the wilderness paintings such as this one:
The Van Gogh's were amazing, but you've seen a million photos of them already I'm sure.

This one is for Knittah's friend who likes colour:

Noricum and I both thought this one might make a nice Swatchy design:


I wasn't sure how this one stood up!
Noricum started babbling on about "tensegrity theory"... do you understand her when she gets like this?

Hmmm... looks like I've got lots of places to visit!

String is like yarn, and I understand yarn! ;)

This is not a library.
In fact, it appears to be a negative of a library.

We picked up some groceries on the way home, and J cooked us a lovely meal of pasta with asparagus (leftover from lunch), flounder, and artichokes. Oh! And we had crackers with marinated mushrooms as an appetizer. Very nice! Did you get to enjoy any of J's meals?

Well, it's getting late now. Gotta go!


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