Thursday, October 19, 2006

Arrival Letter

Swatchgrrl Enjoys The View

Dear Nori,

I don't think you've arrived yet, but I'll send this letter anyway.

I arrived in New York today. My flight was quick, but the turbulence was annoying. I feel rather shaken about, and the humidity isn't doing anything for my hair.

The view from J's apartment is spectacular! My host family seems nice enough. They do spend a lot of time at the computer though.

Noricum has been telling me about all of the fun trips she has planned, and it sounds quite exciting! We'll be going to Rhinebeck this weekend, and Webs next month. There's also some sort of glass art and bead festival that we'll stop by on Saturday morning. It doesn't sound like there will be any fiber there, but Noricum seemed rather excited about "techniques for stitchmarkers" or something.

Well, Noricum wants the computer back, so I should go now. I hope your flight was nice, and that you have a great time with Knittah.


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Knittah said...

SwatchGrrl definitely has the better view! But her punk look and attitude should be right at home in New York!