Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nori's Day Out, Part Two

After staying in bed all afternoon and gulping a quick dinner, Nori and I headed out to my Tuesday night physical therapy appointment.
I am only able to go to PT once a week, and it has to be in the evening so my husband can drive me. I have a super-fantastic physical therapist, Stephanie. Nori likes her too.
She really understands CFIDS and is careful about pushing me too hard. My physical therapy is not the kind of program that most of you are familiar with. People with CFIDS have to be very careful about overdoing physical activity because we do not recover and bounce back the same way healthy people do. This phenomenon (for lack of a better word) has been documented in research. Stephanie has put together a program that focuses on improving my mobility and stength, but very gently and slowly.

While we were working, Nori was checking out the place. He thought this foot model was pretty cool:
And then he goofed around with the weights:
When Stephanie was done with me, she went to work on Nori. She gave him some manual physical therapy, where she moves the patient in particular ways. That's what we've been doing together.

After all that work, Nori was tired and ready to go home. We had a long day, but a fun one. Time for some serious rest!

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Busy day!