Friday, October 06, 2006

A Word From Noricum

I think Knittah covers it pretty well, but here's the start of the story in my own words.

I listen to podcasts on my way to and from the university: I have an hour-long bus ride, and enjoy having something to listen to while crocheting yet another sock. One of my favourite podcasts to listen to is Cast-On by Brenda Dayne.

When I heard Knittah's essay—about how she is homebound, and gifts of knitting to family and friends felt like a way of travelling out in the world with them—I thought about how I seem to be travelling so much, and perhaps she would think it fun to have me carry around something she made and send photos back to her. I was rather uncertain how she would react to a perfect stranger e-mailing her out of the blue. Would she think I'm some crazy nut? Plus, if she has limited energy, would she really want to knit and send something to me? Perhaps she had a swatch from a past project laying around, something small that she didn't mind parting with. I wrote her a tentative e-mail:
I was listening to Cast-On on the bus this morning, and your essay really touched me. I had an idea that I thought might be kind of fun. (If it's not, feel free to say so or ignore me.) I travel quite a bit, and, if you're interested, would be willing to take a swatch from a past project of yours (or something else small) and photograph it in different places where I travel. (Perhaps including yarn/fabric stores and similar things?) I could either post these photos to a my blog, or a separate travel blog, or simply send them to you. Would you be interested in that?

I hope to be going to Rhinebeck next month... so if you are interested and can get a swatch or whatever to me before then, I'll take photos of it with as many "famous" bloggers/authors I can find, and also with lots of nice yarn and sheep and whatnot. ;)
Well, I need not have worried... not only did Knittah think it was a fun idea, but she had tons of great ideas of her own! Knittah will be sending me "Swatchy," and I will take her on a virtual tour of wherever the wind happens to blow me. ;)

Dear readers, if you should happen to spot me somewhere, please stop me and have me take a photo of you and Swatchy. I'm usually easy to spot: I tend to wear a red tapestry-crochet hat with white maple leaves. (No, I didn't make the hat, and yes, I am Canadian.) I'll likely have paper with me too, so you can write Knittah a note. :)

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