Monday, October 23, 2006

Fiber... and Bloggers!

Here's Swatchgrrl enjoying one of the fiber booths:
Swatchgrrl at a Fiber Booth

However, this time in the barn, we discovered bloggers!

Margene and Cara:
Swatchgrrl, Margene, and Cara

Anne (I didn't ask about the spelling, sorry), Sandy and Cara:
Swatchgrrl, purlingswine(?), Sandy and Cara

Swatchgrrl and Vicky

Mel and Norma:
Swatchgrrl, Cabezalana and Norma

Swatchgrrl and Jenny

Swatchgrrl, Nishanna, Me, and a Sheep in a Tux

Ah, what a lovely day! I wish you were able to come.
Swatchgrrl and Leaves

(One of the bloggers Ann braided Swatchgrrl's hair, but now I can't remember who.)


ann said...

it was great meeting you and Swatchgrrl!

Cara said...

Ann from PurlingSwine braided swatchgirl's hair! It was a blast meeting you!!! (Great to see you again Andrea!)

Knittah said...

So many bloggers! I will go visit each one. I love SwatchGrrl's braids, and I'm weak at the knees from all the fiber (at a distance)

noricum said...

It was wonderful!

margene said...

It was ful to spend some time with Swatch grrl!