Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dear Nori,

Did you hear? We have copy-swatches! Dottie will be travelling like me and Swatchy!

Hmmm... perhaps we should add some links in the sidebar to travellers like us? Do you know of any others? How are things going with Knittah's other travelling swatches?

Gotta go...

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Knittah said...

Dear SwatchGrrl,

I did hear about Dottie, because Knittah is friends with Hazy and she told me. I think it's really cool. Oh, and Knittah is putting the finishing touch on another swatch doll and says she will write about that soon.

DM has a different job from Knittah's old one. Knittah was a lawyer (but as you know, she is very nice). DM works in the Internets, but I didn't understand all of it.

I hope you like the parade! Knittah says this is the first year she and DM are skipping Halloween completely. She said that DM usually puts up all kinds of scary decorations and lights. She is too sick right now, so they have the house dark and quiet.

I'm glad you kept Noricum company in the car. It was nice of you to work on her sock. Knittah says I'm coming on a little adventure with her, but that it's a secret. Sssshhhhhhh!

Love, Nori