Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Letter To Nori

Dear Nori,

I'm sorry I haven't written you much lately, but I figured Knittah would be more interested in the knitting stuff. Actually, I don't know... do you knit or crochet? If you don't, perhaps Knittah can teach you if you're interested.

Those pancakes you had the other day looked scrumptious! Noricum doesn't cook me pancakes... in fact, she's the bowl of cold cereal type. However, J did prepare us lovely breakfasts this weekend! We had smoked salmon, capers, and diced red onion on crackers. We had crackers instead of bagels because bagels should be eaten fresh, and the really close bakery that we know about doesn't bake bagels. They *do*, however, make really yummy chocolate croissants! If you're ever nearby, I highly recommend them. They're a tiny little place on 10th Street, just west of Avenue B.

Speaking of yummy food, did you know there's a soup kitchen across the street from J's apartment? Here's the people lining up today:
Soup Kitchen Line
Seeing this makes me thankful for the good food and lifestyle I have. I also started wondering. Both Knittah and Noricum's friend who has CFIDS are married... can you imagine what it must be like for people with CFIDS who don't have close family to help them? I wonder how they manage? I actually haven't spent all that much time with Knittah yet... perhaps you could describe a typical day there, and what sort of things might be different if she were alone?

Oh... did you hear that Swatchy is finally on his way here? Goody! I'm *so* looking forward to meeting him! I wonder... does this mean I'll be coming back to live with you and Knittah, until I have another knitter to travel with? It will be nice to meet you in person. :) I'll have to ask Knittah what her plans are. Not, of course, that I don't like living here with J and Noricum... I'm getting used to Noricum's bizarre quirks, and we're actually getting along splendidly.

Well, I should stop rambling and let Noricum use the computer... she needs to work on her dissertation.



Knittah said...

Dear SwatchGrrl, I will answer all these great questions as soon as I can. But Knittah is sleepy and says we have to turn off the computer. More later! Love, Nori

noricum said...

Dear Nori,

Please make sure Knittah gets lots of rest! I look forward to hearing answers whenever they come. :)